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Concord, CA Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving Dinner


Often people find themselves alone for the holidays with nowhere to turn for a home cooked meal or traditional holiday festivities. Simply Superior is proud to be part of Concord, CA, a thriving, generous community who gives back throughout the year and especially during the holiday season when times can be a bit tougher for those in need.

For nearly a decade, Lynnette Campbell and volunteers from various churches throughout the area, prepare days in advance for a Thanksgiving dinner tradition serving anyone who would like to join.

Needs may range from financial to emotional, but it makes no difference to those that support the cause. Volunteers will be in the Concord, CA area, once again, to provide, not only a hot meal, but a safe family rich environment and friendly smiles for all who choose to be a part of the Thanksgiving Day Feast held at First Lutheran Church.

Invitations are not only meant for the homeless and the destitute, but people who just want to enjoy a hot meal cooked with love on Thanksgiving Day.

Donations from several local churches and individuals have allowed the Concord, CA community to continue the tradition that provides enough turkey and mashed potatoes “with all the fixins'” to feed about 200 people.

A home-style meal, where people actually sit down and not go through a line to get their food helps set a festive ambiance with lively conversation in the hopes of lifting holiday spirits. Everything from fresh salad, to warm, juicy turkey, to desert and coffee is lovingly prepared and served by volunteers at no cost or obligation to anyone wanting a hot meal and friendly smile.

The event has always drawn many volunteers, often times out numbering those who attend for a festive, holiday meal. Those who will be spending the holidays alone, elderly, homeless, financially in need, you name it are all encouraged to attend.

Volunteers will be able to provide transportation for residents who live locally.

Other ways people can help include donating new socks of all sizes, and new or gently used blankets/sleeping bags, coats and gloves for distribution after the meal.

Monetary donations to offset the cost of the food may be made out to First Lutheran Church and brought or mailed to 4000 Concord Blvd., Concord, CA 94519.

Please bring your donations to:
First Lutheran Church
4000 Concord Blvd, Concord

If you have any questions, call (925) 207-0035.
For More information and event details please visit