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How to Survive the Emotional Turmoil After an Auto Accident


No one wants to be in an automobile accident, however on national average all drivers will encounter nearly 3 or 4 accidents in their lifetime.

There’s nothing like an accident to ruin what was once going to be just another average day. There’s a feeling of responsibility for the physical hurt that may occur, the property that has been damaged, and whether or not your car is totaled, you’re going to need collision repairs, and the loss of your car even for a short time is a tough one to bear.

Okay, so you’ve been in a collision. It happens to the best of us. First and foremost, Simply Superior Auto Body is concerned for your safety. Ensure that no one is hurt or needs medical attention. Then you have permission to have a full blown emotional meltdown of sorts. Endorphins are high and that shaky, panicky feeling that often accompanies an accident is truly hard to avoid. However, the physical effects will not last long, while your emotions may linger.

Those emotions you feel aren’t productive if you dwell on them.

Simply Superior Auto Body would like to provide a few tips to help you move on after your auto collision.

  • Drive and Drive Now. An extremely common reaction is to vow never to drive again. But can you really commit to that? Doubtful. Driving is more than just transportation. Don’t wait to get behind the wheel again or you could develop an unrealistic fear of driving.
  • Take care of YOU. Your car is out of commission while it’s being repaired, right? Get a courtesy car or rent one for yourself while your automobile is being repaired. It’s all too common to punish yourself by not driving. You need wheels to get to work and back home, don’t you? Not too mention that amazing social life you have. Just buck up and get a courtesy car. Pay for the upgrade to a better class and enjoy driving again right away. It was an accident and accidents happen.
  • Discuss Your Experience. Whether you were in a minor fender bender or the auto collision of all collisions, talk the accident through with someone. You could go for coffee with a friend and talk about your experience. Sometimes it just helps to get any emotionally feelings out to get you back on track.

You didn’t purposefully get into an automobile collision; so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll soon realize that others have forgotten the incident long before you have. You healthy, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced, worse things can happen.

Since 1983 people have been bringing their damaged vehicles to Simply Superior Auto Body for the highest quality collision repair in Concord and the surrounding area. Stop by or give us a call today to see how we can serve you!

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