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Ladies And Gentlemen… Start Your Engines


NASCAR 2016 is now under way. As our favorite drivers line up at the start line, let’s prepare for the Sprint Cup to kick into high gear.

Now, some of you may already be big NASCAR fans, but for those of you still getting your hands greasy, here are a few things you should know going into the 2016 season.


Bring your earplugs this season because it’s going to get loud. Cars, drivers and enthusiasts alike all begin lining up for the first race of a three-part showdown at Daytona International Speedway.


Will Kyle Busch be able to defend his throne? Busch, who had a tragic start in the 2015 season opener, was able to make an amazing comeback in his first-ever Sprint Cup Series title. But Busch needs to keep his eyes peeled to the road because three-time Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart will no doubt be on his bumper trying to make his final season one to remember.


Drivers will be more determined than ever to grab every point they can to secure their slot this season as they fight the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Who will come out on top? Some of the younger drivers are still eager to earn their seat in the arena. After a surprisingly sorry sophomore season, Kyle Larson aims to stake his claim and turn his mediocre start into a meteoric rise.


Fast cars, high stakes and more left turns than you can crank a wrench at.

While we’d like to give you our predictions, we’ve have learned one thing over the years…NASCAR is pretty unpredictable. It’s just one of the things that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We know we will be.

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