School Safety Tips for All


School is nearly back in session. Thousands of children will soon be travelling back and forth to school on a daily basis. Keeping them safe on the roads is something we can all help to better by practicing safe driving, especially in school areas.  Here at Simply Superior Auto Body, we hope to make school campuses a little safer for Concord this year.

By adhering to a few simple guidelines we can all do our part!

Obey all street and traffic laws closely:

  • School zones are marked around all schools with reduced speed limits to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • Speed reduction around school areas is enforced with little discretion. It’s also within a driver’s best interest to slow down as well. A ticket in a school zone will cost a minimum of $100 and quickly increase based on speed of infraction.
  • For drivers, knowing you’re in a school zone is imperative. If you’re unsure if you are entering a school zone there are a few quick checks you can make.
  • First, if you can see a school it is likely that you are within the school zone.
  • School zones are marked as being anywhere within 500 feet of a school.
  • Most often, signs are posted when approaching a school, many accompanied by flashing street lights during high traffic times, including before and after school hours.
  • Be careful to protect all pedestrians as well as yourself by being aware of these zones.

Keep a look out for crosswalks:

  • Crossing guards and adult assistance is often available to children, but caution should be shown by drivers, especially when adult supervision is not available.
  • Children lack some ability in detecting the rate at which a car may reach their crosswalk. It may also be difficult to see – for both the driver and the child, if the street view is blocked by parked cars.
  • Make sure to approach all crosses carefully especially during peak traffic and school hours.
  • Offering persistent reminders to our children to be mindful in these areas is a monumental help in their safety.
  • Mapping out a route home, teaching only to cross at crosswalks, and to always walk on sidewalks are only a few ways to help children make him home safely.
  • Most importantly, remind your children often to continue their understanding of safety near roadways. Consistent reminders allow children to more readily remember important information when it is needed most.

The Concord Public Schools begin September 1st this year.

With these tips for drivers, parents, and kids we hope each and every person has a wonderful back to school experience this year. With everyone’s cooperation we can have the safest school year yet!


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